Pernabò participates at the Oscars 2020! One of our pocketsquare as a touch of elegance worn by Keanu Reeves.
Proud to participate at this event and a special thanks to JeanneYangstyle


“Robert Downey jr wears one of our beautiful pocket square and beautiful black tie.
every day we work with passion to achieve even better results.”


We are honored to have participated at the Oscars 2019 with one of our fabulous
pocket square, worn by Jason Momoa with a costum suit designed by the master karl Lagerfeld for Fendi

Jason momoa oscar 2019

We are proud to have participated and be chosen in the elegance and style of Matt Bomer with one of our exquisite pocket squares at the GoldenGlobes 2019.

Matt Bomer GoldenGlobes 2019

Every day we work to achieve increasingly important achievements, step by step.
Pernabò on the November cover of Forbes magazine