Everything started in 1939, everything was born of a young boy, son of a peasant, who grew up without a mother who at the age of 15 was fascinated by the way of dressing and distinguishing Neapolitan squires who, with pride and elegance, wore around their necks like a jewel, a silk drape: the tie.
That young boy was my grandfather Giuseppe, who after learning the sartorial technique from the Neapolitan masters, decided to open his small shop and devote himself to the production of the Neapolitan tailoring tie.













The passion for the manufacturing of the tie grew and thanks to the collaboration with the best of Neapolitan and northern Italy’s silk makers the tie was  perfected until reaching its peak with the realization of the "7 folds", the queen of ties, a unique silk drape, folded and folded carefully 7 times, to become the most elegant of ties.

After years of sacrifice and with some difficulties, my grandfather Peppe who loses an eye due to a strong infection, the family business passes into the hands of my father Pasquale, who with the help of my mother Margherita also a master tailor, continues the family tradition, in pursuit of perfection through the obsessive care of details of every single stitching point.
The peak of the "Esposito Cravatte" comes with the realization of the "9 folds" tie, the exaltation of the "Made in Italy" with a handmade technique that only finds its maximum expression in Naples



Today the "Esposito Cravatte" is still a family business that for 80 years produces the best of Neapolitan tailoring neckties. Our silks come from the best Italian silk factory and our creations are made exclusively by hand by those who have been doing this job for generations. In our laboratories work master tailors exclusively Neapolitan produce daily works of art.
I decided to make the family brand, an international brand and that's why "Pernabò" was born.
The "Pernabò" brand collects the experience of 80 years of passion and dedication to the Neapolitan tailoring. Every day I commit myself to transmit these values to our customers.

Giuseppe Esposito

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